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Apple IMac 27inches - Silver


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iMac Performance and design. Taken right to the edge. Over Detailed Design This iMac was created with as much amazing technological innovation as the amazing look it has. Through a painstaking process of designing and engineering everything about iMac from the inside out, the result of an advanced, elegant all-in-one computer that looks as much a work of art as it is state of the art was come about. Phenomenal Lengths and Widths With an iMac in front of you, the world around you seems to disappear as you lose yourself to the big and beautiful display. By pushing every limit, considering every detail, and advancing the iMac in amazing ways, an immersive experience has been created. Ultimate All-in-One The first iMac was a revolution: An all-in-one computer that put everything display, processor, graphics, storage, memory, and more inside one simple, stylish enclosure. This iMac has been improved beyond the even revolutionary iMacs before it and made to include a brilliant desktop display and filled with the latest high-performance technologies yet at 5 mm thinness. Seamless Design With a 5mm Edge Surmounting a challenge of joining the iMac seamlessly without foregoing the dream of a 5mm thin desk computer has become a huge success story for the iMac creation team. The enclosure is so thin, it is humanly impossible to weld the pieces using traditional methods, so a process called friction-stir welding used on airplane wings, rocket booster tanks, and other parts that simply must not fail was found and used after much research. It's commonly used on airplane wings, rocket booster tanks, and other parts that simply can't fail. This process uses a combination of intense friction-generated heat and pressure to intermix the molecules of the two aluminum surfaces creating a seamless, precise, and superstrong join. You may not see it, but this iMac wouldn't be possible without it.

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