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      With its access to Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.) in major cities of the world, the company is well positioned to procure and install a large number of IT equipment for our clients’ applications. With our technical ability and support, we are able to provide the necessary technical warranty support and installation of procured Information Technology equipment.


      Terrific-Plus offerings ranges far beyond standard product support to: deployment services for risk-reducing installation and start-up, implementation, and integration;availability services to help you proactively reduce downtime and meet your service level commitments through industry-leadership in mission critical environment; performance services providing objective technical assistance to help you make the most of your IT investments; and innovative support management services such as Terrific-Plus Integrated Support (T-PIS) to complement your internal capabilities.


Terrific-Plus Services professionals work collaboratively with you to design, integrate, manage and evolve your business applications with greater speed and operational efficiency.The health of your business depends on access to critical IT services and information. Virtually any amount of IT downtime can mean lost productivity, lost revenue, lost customers, lost opportunities. That means you need to be prepared for the full range of threats to the availability and stability of your core infrastructure. Threats ranging from communications disruptions, application problems, and unexpected peaks in customer traffic, to full-scale disasters. Regardless of your business application, our goal is the same: to help you leverage technology for better business outcomes.


       > HARDWARE SUPPORT SERVICES: From installation to product retirement, warranty upgrades to self-maintenance, proactive care to 24x7 problem resolution, you can rely on Terrific-Plus for all your hardware support needs.

The breadth, depth, and quality of our hardware services portfolio are unsurpassed in the computer industry today. We have experience in servicing computer systems, networks, storage devices, and peripherals. And we're the undisputed leader in supporting the "can't fail" continuous computing solutions that are at the heart of the e-business economy.

Terrific-Plus delivers comprehensive support for enterprises of all sizes and environments of all types: desktops, Notebooks, client/server, data centre, printers, scanners, stabilizers, switches, Hubs, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) etc. We offer a wide range of purchase options, including warranty hardware support packages.      So you can obtain the precise kind and level of expert assistance you need, from basic to Business-critical, whenever you need it.


      > INTEGRATED SUPPORT SERVICES: Our Integrated Support service helps you reduce complexity and cost with a single point of accountability for consistent service levels and outcomes. It consolidates responsibility for LAN (Local Area Network) integration, management and service delivery across your entire technology stack, from hardware to networks to applications. It equally provides support that is organized around your business and technology solution.


This innovative approach brings you many of the benefits of coordination of all service efforts. But at the same time, you retain full control over budget, resources and technology utilization - all the critical components of your IT operations.


Terrific-Plus Financial Services is unmatched in its ability to deliver financial solutions that work the way you want to work nation-wide.


      > MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: The Company provides both sophisticated and simplified solutions to computer equipment maintenance requirements through the use of new technical advances in preventive maintenance such as the Reliability –Centred Maintenance (RCM) Methodology.


It also engages in corrective maintenance and repair activities through assessments of equipment history and performance with a view to determining appropriate solutions to extend equipment life and availability.


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